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School Of Rays

School of Rays

Birch Plywood.
Hand carved original.
Each Ray is 25cm wide and 28cm in overall length (including tail).

Groups of 2 and 3 Rays can be commissioned. Please contact for prices.

Delivery charged at cost.

About the Sculpture

These particular rays are designed to be placed on a wall. One of the features of these sculptures is that they have a degree of flexibility and so can be arranged to suit the space. Each school of rays is also supplied with a versatile mounting system which allows the piece to be rotated to any angle. If  you have a particular space in mind, please let us know.  Bill can arrange the rays to your needs. Each ray is hand carved by Bill and is a slightly different design, therefore each piece will be unique.


These rays are a natural development in Bill’s Marine Collection. Rather than focusing on the beauty and elegance of a single ray, as in his Manta Ray sculpture, with these pieces he has developed a way of capturing a school of rays showing how they interact and glide through the water rather like a flock of birds.