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Octopus Table


Birch plywood and low iron toughened glass.
Edition 1/1. This is a unique, one of a kind piece.
Length 900mm
Width 600mm
Height 460mm
Weight 38kg

Please email for price and shipping details.

About the Sculpture

The “Octable” is hand carved from Birch plywood with internal steel reinforcement. The table top is made from low iron, toughened glass which gives greater clarity than other toughened glass. Three of the tentacles extend slightly over the glass top to hold it in place. These tentacle tips are removable to assist in shipping with the glass removed.


A long time ago, when I worked with dolphins, I was also charged with looking after the aquarium section. Here we had some large tanks displaying local fish species. One of the most popular residents was a curled octopus. It was absolutely fascinating. I would spend hours watching this amazing cephalopod stalking and attacking crabs. For many years since, an idea has been forming in my mind to produce this octopus table (octable) and although it has taken me some time to design and carve, I am extremely happy with the way that it has turned out.