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Coll Spinnaker

Collapsing Spinnaker

Birch Plywood
Hand carved wood original
Height:45 cm

This item is sold. To commission a similar piece, please contact us.
Please contact for price.

About the Sculpture

This abstract sail form, hand carved from birch plywood, shows how beautiful plywood sculptures can be if the the right subject is chosen and the material is handled in the correct way. The sculpture shown here has been sold, but it can be commissioned. The price will depend on the size of the carving. Please feel free to contact us to discuss a commission. For further information about sculptures carved from birch plywood, please click here.


‘Collapsing Spinnaker’ forms part of Bill’s collection of stylised marine sculpture. “I have enjoyed several sailing trips in the past, and was always inspired by the many interesting and beautiful shapes formed by the sails in the wind. Plywood works well for these sculptures as the grain effect produced by the many layers of the wood looks particularly beautiful”. For another example, click here.