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Sail Sculpture by Bill Prickett

In Full Sail

Sweet Chestnut Burr.
Hand carved original.
Height: 37 cm.
Currently available.

Delivery charged at cost.

About the Sculpture

I collected this piece of sweet chestnut burr about 8 years ago from a tree surgeon in Norfolk, UK. I knew when first I saw the felled log that it was a rather special piece of wood and that I would only use it on sculpture that would show off its characteristics to its absolute best. I remember well the struggle I had to manhandle the 4 ft length of trunk into my 4×4 even though I had chainsawed its 4 ft diameter into quarters. One of these quarters I reserved for the carving of “Octopus 2“. This sculpture, “In Full Sail”, was carved from part of that same section. I love the swirling grain within this piece as well as the patches of colour that naturally occur withing the wood. These features are shown off to their best with the clean, flowing lines of my sail themed, marine sculptures (for more examples, see here).


This piece is my latest endeavour in a long running quest to capture in wood some of the beautiful and elegantly pleasing shapes inspired by the functional forms of sailing boat sails.