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Mantas Group On Wall



Material: Laminated Birch Plywood.
Hand carved originals.
Each carving is approximately 48 cm in length.
Delivery charged at cost.

Please contact for price.

About the Sculpture

This group of four manta ray sculptures are hand carved from birch plywood and can be purchased as a group or individually (please contact for availability and prices of individuals or multiples). They have been designed to be either mounted on a horizontal surface by means of a granite base (please ask if you have alternative material requirements for the bases) or alternatively they can be mounted on a wall (or even ceiling) by means of a versatile mounting bracket. Manta 4 has been specifically designed to flow across a 90 degree change in direction. If you have alternative size requirements please get in touch to discuss the options.


Seeing a Manta ray in the wild is still on my ‘to do’ list. I have dived in many places around the world and have had several near misses, but so far they have remained elusive.

From my point of view, the next best thing is to sculpt them. Here I have produced a series of stylised sculptures, making full use of the contemporary look of plywood to accentuate the beautiful lines”. This group of four mantas progress through some of the actions and shapes that these rays make with their powerful wings, and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. Manta 4 is special as it is designed to traverse a 90 degree change in direction. This means that it can create a transition from wall to horizontal or from one vertical surface to another, around a corner. Indeed, it could even provide a visual link from ceiling mounted to wall mounted.