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Turtle Skull In Plywood


Turtle Skull in Plywood

Birch Plywood
Hand carved wood original
Height 26 cm x Width 16 cm
Currently available.

Delivery charged at cost.

About the Sculpture

This stylised sculpture of a turtle skull, carved from birch plywood, shows to beautiful effect the nature of this more contemporary medium. The surface of the sculpture has been finished with several layers of French polish and then burnished to a high sheen.  For further information about sculptures carved from birch plywood, please click here.


Skulls conjure up something of a dichotomy of emotions within me.  They are a very powerful symbol of death, extinction and the fragility of life (or of a species), yet at the same time, a skull can make a very beautiful, sculptural form – ‘hewn’ over millennia by the forces of evolution and life. This particular piece was inspired by a turtle skull I found on a remote beach on the Cape York Peninsular, Northern Queensland, Australia, while on a expedition in my early 20’s. At the time it was a very beautiful area (I hope it still is). I was the only person on this pristine, sandy, tropical beach edged with rainforest. Just me, the odd crocodile and a turtle skull. So carving this skull has brought back some very happy memories. I have written a short piece about some of my experiences in this area so if you are interested please see my blog.