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Leafy Sea Dragon


Leafy Sea Dragon

Birch Plywood.
Hand carved original.
Sold. Height 24 cm.
Length 24.5 cm.
Width 10 cm

About the Sculpture

Forming part of Bills birch plywood, marine collection, this intricately carved leafy sea dragon extends the limit of what can be carved with this medium to another level. The layered veneers accentuate every convolution in the sea dragons elaborate camouflage. The leafy sea dragon is mounted on a black granite base.


“I’ve always been very interested in sea horses. As a child I was lucky enough to keep and successfully breed them in my tropical marine aquarium. Although it may not be obvious at first sight, the leafy sea dragon (perfectly named) is a sea horse that has taken flamboyant decorative camouflage to an extreme.
Recently, when I was attending the World Wood Day event in California (2017), I took the opportunity to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific for a bit of potential inspiration. I spent a good 40 minutes watching their leafy sea dragons, and decided it was time to do what I had been wanting to do for some years, and at last, carve one”.