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Harris's Hawk Sculpture

Harris Hawk on Glove

Lime wood
Hand carved wood original
Height approximately 52 cm

Sold. But a similar piece can be commissioned. Please contact to discuss details.

About the Sculpture

This piece is carved from part of a local lime tree that had blown down, and although large, it was not quite big enough to carve the entire sculpture from. It is therefore carved from two pieces and jointed together. The level of detail really does require close scrutiny, especially the fine feather work and even the stitching on the falconers gauntlet. Once completed, the sculpture was finished with a combination of oil and wax and mounted on a cast slate base.


“Harris’s Hawk on Glove forms part of my collection of falconry and bird of prey sculptures. To attain the high detail in this wood carving I spent several days gathering the reference I needed. This included hundreds of photos, hours of video (collected while spending a day with a local falconry expert) and even a dead specimen that I would take from the freezer each day”.