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Barn Owl Bronze Coloured Patina


Barn Owl

Coloured Patina
Edition of 30
Height 35 cm

Please contact for price and shipping.

About the Sculpture

This bronze Barn Owl sculpture is available in two patinations, a traditional antique bronze finish, and here, a more contemporary “natural” coloured bronze patination.  The sculpture is beautifully detailed down to the barbs on the feathers as you can see in the photo left.
Bill is particularly known for his Birds of Prey having won the top Art Prize at the Abu Dhabi Festival of Falconry in 2012.
Click here for more general information on how a bronze is made.


“The original for this barn owl sculpture was carved from an old holly tree which was brought down in a storm. “It is very unusual to get a holly tree this big, and it was a great privilege to be able to create something lasting from the tree.  I counted the rings on the tree and it must have been about 400 years old.”