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Lime wood and sweet chestnut burr
Hand carved original
This sculpture was produced to commission. For information on how to commission a sculpture, and to obtain a quote, please follow this link.

About the Sculpture

This was a commission piece that I thoroughly enjoyed carving as it strayed slightly from my usual wildlife themes (though I have carved many skulls in the past). I particularly enjoy working with sweet chestnut burr, which the skull part was carved from, as it carves well and has the most amazing figuring to the grain. The arm/hand section was carved from lime wood. I chose this for the contrast in colour with the skull and because the fine grain enabled me to include plenty of detail, right down to the stitching in the  shirt. The client is a fan of Shakespeare and had played Hamlet in the past, which was, of course, the inspiration behind his request for this commission.
If you are interested in commissioning your own sculpture, please have a look at my “How to Commission a Sculpture” page.