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Nautilus Sculpture, Hand Carved By Bill Prickett



Sweet Chestnut Burr/English Cherry
Original Wood Carving
Length: 20 cm


About the Sculpture

‘Nautilus’ is hand carved from two seperate pieces of timber and then fitted together. The “soft parts” are are made from a single piece of English cherry (fitted with glass eyes), which was then fitted into the “hard part” or shell, that was carved from a piece of sweet chestnut burr. Within a burr the figuring goes wild (which produces some stunning patterns).


Sharing common ancestry with some of the earliest forms of life that appear in the fossil record, nautilus have always been a fascination. “I found several empty nautilus shells on a remote beach in Australia during an expedition, I remember that they had a very pleasant tactile shape. With this in mind when I carved “Nautilus” I designed it to just rest on its base so that it could be picked up and handled”.