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Kingfisher on Stump

Edition of 50.
Height approximately 20 cm.


Includes delivery to UK. (Please contact us for price for delivery to Highlands, islands and international destinations).

About the Sculpture

This limited edition kingfisher bronze is coloured with a touch of blue marbling through the dark patination, just hinting at the colour so indicative of this gem like bird.


Kingfishers are one of our most loved birds, and probably everyone remembers where they first saw one. “I first watched kingfishers as a boy at a local park.  Looking back I perhaps didn’t realise how lucky I was.  It was a large urban park with a river running through it and a line of scrub and trees on the opposite bank.  I often saw kingfishers flying up and down the river, or perching on branches, fence posts and stumps, just as in this pose you see here. I assumed that everyone saw kingfishers.  Of course, now I know how lucky I was.”
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