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Horseshoe Bat Carving

Just Hanging

Walnut on Aluminium, Granite and Rosewood
Hand carved original
Height: 15 cm

Sold. See Commissions page to enquire about commissioning a similar piece.

About the Sculpture

This bat sulpture is carved from a single piece of English walnut and mounted on a black granite base with aluminium rod and rosewood support.


I’ve always loved bats. I can remember at the age of around 5 or 6 watching them with my father whilst on holiday and not really understanding why he couldn’t hear the noises they were making, when I could. Of course now, the frequency range of my, now much older ears, is no where near what it use to be. So the only way I can hear bats now is with an electronic bat detector. This carving is based on the lesser horseshoe bat, which is one of the few that actually wrap themselves fully with their wings when in vertical recumbency.