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Bronze Otter Sw

Swimming Otter

Limited Edition of 30
Length 20 cm
Currently available.

Post and packing charged at cost.

About the Sculpture

Bronze sculptures are produced at a bronze foundry and it is a complex and time consuming process. Each bronze sculpture is patinated individually by hand.  Patination is a traditional heat and chemical process that enables a variety of effects and colours to be achieved on the surface of the bronze.  You can see more information on how a bronze sculpture is produced on the “About the Sculpture” page.


“Otters are one of my favourite British mammals, and I have produced several bronze otter sculptures.  They are interesting to watch, (and I have spent many hours watching them in the wild) always on the move, usually hunting for food, of which they need a lot as they spend so much time in the cold water. If you are interested, one of my recent blogs was about otters.”