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Arabian Stallion


Arabian Stallion Bust "Noble Elegance"

Material. Lime wood.
Hand Carved Original.
Height. 30 cm.
Please contact for price.

Delivery charged at cost.

About the Sculpture

This bust was hand carved in 2018 from a single piece of locally sourced European Lime wood. A differential wax finish was chosen to accentuate the contrast between the wildness of the mane and the finely sanded, detail of the head.


I have carved a few horse busts in the past but shortly after completing a recent commission of a large rampant stallion in oak, I was invited to attend an art exhibition in Bahrain along with some examples of my work. As I had already been studying a lot of horse reference, and had them fresh in my mind, I decided to take along a “work in progress” piece to act as a catalyst for conversation amongst the knowledgeable visitors to the exhibition. The Arabian horse has firm roots in Bahrain and plays an important part in the cultural history, so it was an ideal opportunity to get some expert pointers for the Arabian Stallion shown here.