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Animals Inside Out Exhibition

Earlier this month, Lesley and myself took a work outing to visit the incredible exhibition of “Gorilla Legsstripped back” animals by “Body Worlds” creator Dr. Gunther von Hagens.

This particular exhibition mainly featured dissected and preserved animals and was called “Animal Inside Out”. The exhibition was being held in Newcastle but is now being moved to Finland (click here for details). The process employed is basically a plastination of the muscle and connective tissue (which also preserves them), and a removal of skin and fat (to reveal the underlying musculature). It is however best explained in this video of the plastination technique.

Keep an eye out to see when the exhibition may be coming to a venue near you.

As both myself and Lesley are wildlife sculptors, it was an ideal opportunity for some reference gathering. It is obviously very useful to us to be able to see the structures beneath the skin so that we may have a better undersGorilla Foottanding of what forms the topography of the various lumps and bumps that forms the visual surface of all of our pieces of sculpture.

As Lesley is currently working on a series of gorilla sculptures in clay (to be fired to make some original, ceramic pieces), a lot of time was spent studying the “processed” gorilla that was on display. Of particular interest was the incredible musculature of the legs (above right) as well as the phenomenally detailed tendons of the hands and feet (left).

To see how Lesley’s gorilla sculptures turn out (and to have a look at the other work that my wife has produced), keep an eye on here website which you can find here.