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World Wood Day

I am off on 19th March to sunny California to take part in the World Wood Day cJohn Dory 2onference, being organised by the International Wood Culture Society and which will be held at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Centre . So any Facebook friends/followers out there in California, if you are interested in wood, and all wood related subjects, there will be demonstrations and talks about wood during the show period. I do not know dates/times/fees,etc, so best to check the website.

I shall be taking some carving tools and, as an example of my work, the birch plywood John Dory (pictured right). I am due to be working on a wooden panel with three other carvers, whom I have never met – so this will be a challenge in many ways.

I have to confess I had never heard of World Wood Day – just one of the problems of working on your own in a studio. One does become quite insular. But I am delighted to have been invited.

If you do happen to visit, I hope we get the chance to say hello! It would be great to meet internet friends.