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African Research Trip 02 (Genet).

On my two previous trips to Africa, I have neglected to to take an item that I am so very pleased that I did take on this recent expedition; a camera trap. For those that are not familiar with this type of device, it is basically a tough, waterproof camera, that can record still frames or video. It is designed to be left to take the place of a truly dedicated wildlife photographer (with insomnia), and is triggered by movement within the range of it’s infra red sensors.

Pretty much every night, after the sun had gone down, the food had all been eaten and  everyone else had gone to bed; I would set my camera trap in position, ready to record anything that passed through our camp during the night.

One of the very early results was to capture a Greater Spotted Genet that was checking out the BBQ ( or braai) area for any scraps. If it was not for this record, we would have been completely oblivious to the visitation.