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Turtle Dove Bronze


Although this was a commissioned piece, the client gave me freedom to interpret the basic remit as I wished with the knowledge that the design could still be altered if necessary while at the plasticine stage (which is the way I work with most of my commissioned pieces). I have not been fortunate enough to study turtle doves closely in the UK but have been lucky enough to watch (and photograph) them for some time during my trips to Africa, so some of those experiences worked their way into the final design. As I wanted to hint at some of the colours of the turtle dove itself in the final  bronze, I decided to patinate the bronze myself to get some of the rosy hues, blues and other colours that are indicative of the species.

Turtle Dove Bronze

Edition 1/1
Life Size. Mounted on granite

This sculpture was produced to commission. For information on how to commission a sculpture, and to obtain a quote, please follow the link.

About the Sculpture

This Turtle Dove bronze was commissioned earlier this year as a trophy for a golf club by it’s Captain. The sculpture was based on the clubs emblem and was first sculpted in plasticine for approval of the design, and then carved from a single piece of English lime wood. This was then taken to the foundry for casting as a bronze. For more information of this process, see “About the Sculptures“.