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Octopus 2

Octopus Sculpture in Sweet Chestnut Burr
Hand carved wood original
Nabresina base
Height: 38 cm

Price: 10000 GB Pounds

Please contact for delivery/shipping details.

About the Sculpture

This octopus sculpture is hand carved from a single piece of sweet chestnut burr. The octopus, although complex in shape, has little fine detail (such as the delicate feathers or feet on birds for example) and this allows the beauty of the wood to be seen in full. The sculpture is mounted so that it hugs the stone base very closely.


“When I used to work with dolphins, I was also charged with looking after the aquarium section where we had some large tanks with local fish species. One of the most popular residents was a curled octopus. Absolutely fascinating; I would spend hours watching this amazing cephalopod stalking and attacking crabs. When I came across this particular piece of timber, the figuring within the burr was beautiful and I immediately knew that it was this sculpture I wanted to carve from it”.