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Around 5 or 6 years ago, one of the large oak trees growing near to the studio, was struck by lightning, split in half and fell over.  I used quite a large chunk of the tree to carve “Silverback”  (You can read more about this carving and the process involved in my blog.)  I also managed to save and remove several smaller pieces of burr from the tree one of which was carved into this beautiful manta ray.  A burr is the result of some stress upon the tree (usually an infection or invasion) which effects the growth pattern of the tree.  We have probably all seen the knobs and lumps on the side of trees known as “burr” and the effect on the wood is just beautiful.  The swirls and imperfections caused by the virus or invasion makes such wood much in demand, difficult to come by and also difficult to carve.  But it is worth the effort as you can see here.

Manta Ray - Oak Burr

Oak Burr
Original hand carving
31 cm “wingspan”  26 cm length
Sold. But please contact Bill if you would be interested in commissioning a similar piece. Please note due to the nature of Burr wood, all sculptures will look different, although the shape will be roughly the same.

Also as burr wood is not easy to come by and when and if we can get hold of it, the size of the piece of wood will be one of the main influences on the final sculpture.

About the Sculpture

This particular manta ray was carved from a stunning piece of locally sourced oak burr wood. It is mounted on a granite block.