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Tawny Owl Fishing Behaviour

Some years ago I built a simple, small pond in the garden. It very quickly became established and started to attract various members of the local wildlife, including: toads, frogs newts, dragon flies, and………a tawny owl.



Barn Owl

For the last 3 years, in the spring, I have seen this owl (or, of course it could be several individuals) snatching frogs off the surface during spawning. Last night it must have gone slightly wrong, but I must say I was impressed by its swimming technique and wet take off. I would be very interested to hear if other people have observed similar behaviour, or even caught it on camera. I’ve always loved owls and have worked with them in the past, more recently I had the commission to carve a barn owl from a single piece of holly (pictured) from which I produced a limited edition bronze barn owl.