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Silver Feather Jewellery

Silver Feather Jewellery – limited edition of 100.

I carved the original for this Sterling Silver feather pendant (also available as a silver  brooch) from box wood.

Silver Feather Pendant

Such a tiny but detailed  carving  requires a special wood.  Some wood has a large, loose grain, and is not suitable for small carvings.  Box wood on the other hand is very slow growing (so the growth rings are small) and the grain is very fine and tight which allows it to take detail well.

It took a while, but we finally sourced a jewellery caster in Birmingham who specialises in producing high quality small quantity items, and who could reproduce the detail in the feather to the level we required. The feathers are cast in sterling silver (hallmarked) and we provide them on either a 32 inch chain or a 22 inch chain.  The chains are also sterling silver.

They are sent in a black, satin lined jewellery box also shown in the photos.

They make a lovely and (as it is a limited edition of 100) unusual Christmas gift – and we still have a couple in stock for Christmas (although we are currently out of stock of the matching brooch). Our last posting day for Christmas will be the 21 December.  We are extending our returns period until after Christmas, and should it transpire that the chain you have selected is unsuitable we will of course exchange it for you.