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Society of Wildlife Artists

I had a bit of good news just before Christmas; the selection committee
of the Society of Wildlife Artists Octopus-2-burr-4have elected me to become an Associate member. I have exhibited pieces of my work at the annual SWLA exhibition at the  Mall Gallery (called “The Natural Eye“) in London for around 15 years (missing out the odd year here and there), so I was very pleased to receive this recognition.

Each year at the opening event, a guest speaker is employed to address the (usually full) gallery, but never have I seen it quite as crammed as when they had Sir David Attenborough take centre stage back in 2013 (the exhibitions 50th anniversary).

I was in attendance, but didn’t manage to summon the courage to approach the great man. I do however have a very nice (and now treasured), hand written letter from Sir David, after the event, in which he says how much he liked one of my sculptures (Octopus 2) that was part of the exhibition. That is good enough for me.

I shall certainly be submitting some work for the 2017 exhibition. Details will be posted on my website nearer the time (usually the end of October).