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Woodcock Sculpture

Woodcock Bronze

Edition of 12.
Please contact regarding delivery of this piece.


About the Sculpture

The original for this sculpture was carved from a single piece of locally sourced lime wood. Lime has a good, close grain which enables the very fine detail of the feathers to be carved crisply.  Bill is well known for the detail he achieves on his carvings. For more information on how bronzes are produced please see the About Sculptures page.


The woodcock is rarely seen, and often, if they are sighted, it is when they have been accidentally flushed.
“I carved this woodcock after a particularly heavy snowfall in Kent.  I noticed that at dawn and dusk, woodcock were  taking off from a particular part of the road and disappearing into the woods nearby.  It later became clear that this part of the road was where a puddle often sat.  It was likely that the woodcock, unable to feed or get water from their normal home in the woods which was frozen and snowy,  had ventured out to the road for water and food in the muddy soil residue.”