Falcon, Taking Flight 2

Peregrine on Glove, Taking Flight 2

European Lime Wood
Hand carved original
Height 54 cm

Also available as a limited edition, cast bronze. Please contact for price and availability.

Delivery charged at cost.

About the Sculpture

Taking Flight is hand carved from two pieces of  European lime wood, one for the bird, one for the glove. Each individual feather has been painstakingly hand carved, along with all the other fine detail (down to the stitching on the leather gauntlet). The finish is a combination of oils and wax. The complete sculpture is mounted on a granite base.


“The peregrine falcon is one of my favourite birds of prey and consequently I had wanted to carve this particular wood sculpture for many years. Several different requirements had to come together before I could achieve this goal; I needed a special piece of wood, and enough personal contact with a peregrine to absorb its form and to collect all the reference material I needed. Once all these requirements were in place, it took me 3 months to complete”.