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Marine Sculpture

All the sculptures shown can be commissioned - although the wood will of course be unique to each piece

If you would like to discuss a commission for a specific design, for a trophy perhaps or for a sculpture based on your own craft, please contact us.

Bill has always been attracted by the shapes that sail can form, and over the last few years has been designing a collection of sculptures based on sail boats. They are simple, elegant in design, but capture the essence of a vessel in full sail.
His sail based sculptures have been exhibited and sold at various galleries around the country and were selected for the prestigious annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists held at the Mall Galleries. Collapsing Spinnaker was featured in the March issue 2014 of Classic Boat magazine.

Some of the pieces are carved from birch plywood. This modern and beautiful material is particularly suited to these flowing designs. The process of constructing a sculpture from plywood is complicated, and the pieces are physically difficult to carve, but Bill has spent many years perfecting his technique and now produces some of the most beautiful sculptures to be found in this material.
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Racing Dhow 1    
Collapsing Spinnaker
. Birch plywood.
(Can be commissioned)

Spinnaker I
Sold. Birch plywood.
(Can be commissioned)

Racing Dhow 1
Birch plywood.

Burr Sloop
Sold. (Similar can be commissioned)
J-Class 2 Bermuda Sloop 1 20 Knots and More J Class 1    
J-Class, 2
Birch plywood. SOLD.
(Can be commissioned)
Bermuda Sloop 1
SOLD (Similar can be commissioned)
20 Knots and More
SOLD (Similar can be commissioned)
J Class 1 Sold
Birch plywood.
(Can be commissioned)

Contact: +44 (0)1795 892039   Mob/Cell: +44 (0) 07786 424288
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